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You do great work

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 -Jennifer Grimm

The Branded Boss is my signature program where I take you through the necessary steps to have a results driven personal brand

It’s not about logos and colours.

It’s about your values, your integrity and your impact. It’s about expressing those things to the world simply and with confidence.

Decide if you want to have a career or a legacy.

I choose to have a legacy

Climb the corporate ladder. Share your message.

Position yourself as an in-demand leader and open yourself to opportunities on Boards, in the C-suite and on the stage. 

Invest in yourself. You have a vision for yourself and you know the impact you can make. 

I believe in myself. 

I want to become The Branded Boss

"My most enjoyable moment was how practical the presentation tips were and how engaging the workshop was."

"I left the training feeling very empowered and motivated."

"Kristen created an active forum for engagement, group learning and dialogue that enriched the experience."