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"My most enjoyable moment was how practical the presentation tips were." - R.R., engineer 

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3 Things Great Leaders Do

40 Minute Keynote + Q&A

Kristen delivers an exciting talk uncovering the three things great leaders do to become executives, according to research.

She then shares real life examples of how she put them into practice during her experience going from cubicle to corner office. 

"You helped me see personal branding in a completely different way!" 

- K.M., entrepreneur 

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Falling in Love with Networking

40 Minute Keynote + Q&A 

  • Why it's ok to hate traditional networking 

  • What it means to have a strong network and why it matters to your career or business 

  • Alternatives to networking - because there are other ways to build your network 

  • If you must network the old fashioned way, here are my top tips virtual networking dos and don'ts 

"I really enjoyed your session and I learned so much! Thank you Kristen." - S.N., accountant 

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Great Businesses are Built by Great Personal Brands

40 Minute Keynote + Q&A 

  • What it really means to have a personal brand in 2021 

  • How your personal brand can be used to grow your business faster 

  • The number one thing you need to identify in order to connect the dots between your business and personal brand 

Extremely well done...I was looking forward to this segment of the day and I am not disappointed! 

- D.S., entrepreneur 

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