“Kristen, you do great work - but no one knows who you are.” - my boss to me 6 years ago. (*cringe*)

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I was once told, Kristen you do great work - but no one knows who you are. After that punch-to-the-gut moment I began developing my personal brand. Through trial and error, a lot of effort and bravery, I created a brand that got results and now I help others do the same.

Hi, I'm Kristen Dyck and I work with ambitious women to help them achieve their business or professional goals through my values-based personal branding process.

Using more than ten years of marketing, communication and brand experience, I apply the same proven techniques in those areas to personal branding. I used to work on some of the world’s biggest brands like Coca-Cola, Sprite, glaceau vitamin water and United Way. Now, I take what I’ve learned working on them and apply it to YOUR brand.

What I’ve learned is that
authenticity rules personal branding!

Fortunately, diversity, balance, and authenticity are my core values. They are also what drive my business and my vision to see a world where women let their true selves shine. I’ve learned in developing my brand and others, that in order for a brand to truly help you succeed it needs to be true to who you are. I call this, personal branding from the inside-out.

I achieved my professional goals and gained the confidence and skills to become an entrepreneur all thanks to personal branding. The truth is, having a results driven personal brand helps me live life the way I want to. What would it mean to you?

My personal branding services help you clarify what you do and help you go from unknown to in demand.

Are you ready?