About Kristen, the Personal Brand and Communications Strategist

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A little about moi...

I’m known around here as mama, wifey, sister, daughter, friend...oh and brand builder. I love to play outside with my little boy and cook dinner with my husband. Top that off with a night of wine with the girls and you’ll see me smiling from ear to ear.

When I’m not with my little family, I’m working with amazing women and businesses helping them reach their goals. I put ten years of brand, marketing and communication experience to work with my clients. Whether we’re working on a personal brand or a communications plan.

My Personal Branding Process was born out of my dream to see gender equality in our society. You see, when women are able to contribute the best version of themselves (ahem, this is where an authentic personal brand comes in) great things happen - for everyone*.

In my previous 9-5 life, I supported the personal brands and communications of two CEOs. I saw how they used their personal brands to get to the top of their game. The way these women present themselves to media, staff, Board members, and business partners rocks! They rally support for their plans and handle the challenges of any business with smarts and honesty. One day it clicked for me: They do this because they know exactly who they are and why they do their job, and MOST IMPORTANTLY their people know it too.

It was my experience with these leaders, along with my own experience developing a brand for myself got me fascinated with personal branding.

When it came to my own brand I started by researching personal branding. My boss said to me one day, "You do great work, but no one knows who you are." She later clarified and said that senior leaders in the company didn't know who I was or the great things I was doing.

So, I bought some books and read some articles (k, this is the understatement of the century because there are literally hundreds of articles out there on the subject of personal branding).

I started to really develop my own brand. It started with my online/social media accounts but I realized pretty fast that they are just one part of a personal brand. Also, my Twitter feed wasn't going to be the way I would build a relationship with a VP. I needed to be able to use my brand to my advantage in job interviews, at networking events, and when presenting my work and ideas to leadership.

So, I had to ask myself some deep questions, get feedback from colleagues, and put together a “framework” of my brand that included an overview of my goals, what I wanted to consistently deliver on and “real life” key messages that I could use regularly to describe myself. Guess what? It worked! (More on that below.)

Today, as an entrepreneur, I use my personal brand to build quality relationships with potential clients, current clients and collaborators. By being upfront about who I am, what I do and why I do it, I am able to connect with the right people (hello 🙋 “ideal clients”) and tell them exactly how I provide value.

Here’s what’s happened since I developed and started executing my personal brand:

  • I became WAY more comfortable doing presentations (even in front of high profile Board members)

  • I shared my ideas with more confidence, and got to see them come to life (insert happy dance emoji here!)

  • After first applying and getting rejected, I got promoted to management. Two years later a role was created for me to use my unique skill set.

  • I had the confidence to become an entrepreneur (As you may already know, making the jump is scary. But it’s a lot easier when you know the value you provide and the people you’re best suited to work with).

  • I was able to get noticed online and in-person even with all the discussion out there about personal branding.


Hey, guess what… YOU can do all these things too! Call, email or text me and let's talk about my personal brand packages and how I can help you.

*In case you're interested, some brilliant minds agree with me that our society will be better when more women are in leadership roles AND are earning the same incomes as their male counterparts. Take a look for yourself here: