Advancing More Quickly at Work

career development personal branding Jul 14, 2017

Those who have defined and live their personal brand will more naturally demonstrate executive presence and as such may find themselves advancing more quickly at work. - Glenn Llopis

Llopis has written several articles for outlining the connection between personal branding and leadership. In short, personal branding is a tool to elevate careers. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with well-respected Presidents and CEOs as a communications professional. I write their speeches, press releases, and help them with important correspondences. What do they all have in common? A strong personal brand. These leaders are known for certain qualities and they intentionally deliver on them. Long ago they recognized their strengths, personal attributes, and the unique value they contribute. On their way to the top they were intentional about sharing them with others. 

While they may not articulate it as a personal brand, strong leaders are attuned to the fact that they have a reputation. 

Taking the time to brand yourself is an important exercise. It’s not about vanity, in fact, when done correctly it’s the opposite. It’s about uncovering the unique value you bring to others. 

What are your strengths? How do you create value in a way few others can? Reflect on your career and don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues for feedback. Take some time to think about the leaders you admire. What are they known for, and how do they consistently deliver on it? Then develop your personal brand - and be sure to live it. As Llopis says, you may find yourself advancing more quickly.


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