Branding from the Inside Out

personal branding women and work Jul 31, 2017

Recently a friend was telling me about her wine tasting trip in the Okanagan. She visited a winery that has a story connecting it to the history of the area, a nice place for tastings, along with a cool looking logo and bottle labels. The wine however was terrible. The tasters weren’t knowledgeable. Do you think she’ll be going back? Or telling people they should visit?

That’s a hard pass.

This winery is an example of a brand built from the outside in. Cool visuals, interesting story but lacks substance. The business owners put too much effort into the logos, etc. when they should have invested in their product – the thing their audience should be most excited about.

We’ve all been to a restaurant with amazing food and service. The area might not be the trendiest, the ambiance not necessarily the nicest, but if they make outstanding food suddenly the torn rug and dated artwork becomes “charming.”

All this to say – be the charming restaurant that serves a great meal every day. Don’t be the bad winery.

Be you. The classic vintage cabernet. Your unique notes of cherry, sandalwood and dark chocolate are what you’re known for - and people want to have a glass of you as often as it is socially acceptable ;) 

No, but seriously. Craft a personal brand from the inside out. One that highlights your strengths and attributes. This is your brand promise. Consistently deliver on it. Colleagues will want you on the project. Managers will want you on their team.

Cheers! 🍷


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