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entrepreneurship personal branding women and work May 22, 2020

Everything changed when I got clear on my value and could communicate it. 

I was once told, "you do great work but no one knows who you are." The conversation was a game changer. It got me thinking about what I was really good at, what I wanted to do more of, and how to tell people. Most importantly it made me realize something had to change. I worked too hard and was too talented to be stuck where I was. 

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When I say “value” what I mean is your professional super power, your zone of genius or your competitive advantage. It’s what you’re really good at that makes people want to hire you, work with you or work for you.

If you struggle to explain the value you bring to your work it could be holding you back. Based on research from Lee Hecht Harrison studying distinguishing behaviours among women who advance, women with successful careers advocate for themselves. In order to do that you need to know your value. 

I know from personal experience that everything changed when I got clear on my value and could communicate it. I was promoted to a management position and later became the communication strategist to the CEO. After that I launched AVRO to teach other women to do the same.

I created this guide to help you clarify your zone of genius (a.k.a. your value) and give some tips on how to share it in order to get to where you want to go. 

When people know the unique value you bring you will be unstoppable! What do you want for your career and your life? Whatever it is, it IS possible.

Knowing the value you bring helps you advance your career. It also helps you: 

✨negotiate more successfully

✨get the job 

✨get customers 

✨build authority and trust

Clarify and communicate your value. It was the difference maker in my career and I want it to be that for you too.

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Prove your work - not your worth! Having a personal brand empowers you. Your personal brand is about building trust with people. In order to do that you need to be clear on what you do

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