From Doubting Her Career Choices to Landing Her Dream Job

career development entrepreneurship personal branding women and work Mar 02, 2021

Working with people mid-career all the way to the C-suite makes for some really incredible stories of transformation. I’m going to start sharing them with you so you can see for yourself how personal branding is THE difference maker in your career. 

Whether you’re in the C-suite or earlier in your journey, the solution is personal branding. Today I’m going to share with you how my client went from questioning her career choices to landing her dream job as a Director for a tech company.

One of my first clients came to me during a frustrating time in her life. She had taken a job that she thought would be the best thing for her and found out it wasn’t. It impacted all areas of her life and she wasn’t sure if she should learn how to deal with it or make another change and try something else. 

She came to me as a last resort. She knew she was unhappy, and had been for a while, and now the people closest to her were urging her to make a change. 

With this cloud over her head she couldn’t see the growth she had achieved in her skills over the past couple of years. 

When she made the decision to find something new it was really important that it be the right role, at the right company, with the right people. She wasn’t certain about many things in that moment, but she knew she didn’t want to find herself in a place of exasperation and disappointment again. 

During a career transition how you position yourself is really important. “Position” means to get people to think of you in a certain way and to know how you stand out among others. It’s really the essence of personal branding. In this case we first needed to make sure she was clear about her strengths and could communicate how she could make the biggest impact in her field. Fortunately that’s where my process begins!

We started with the important things first:

  • She got to work on researching companies that looked like they could be a fit.
  • From there we looked at her career history, including her current role and pulled out the important experiences that show she can do the jobs she was going after.
  • I helped her explain her current job in a way that would not only make sense to one of these companies, but that would explain why she was someone they just had to have on their team. 
  • We were focusing on what she did well and how attractive her skills would be to employers. I could see a huge change in her. She was showing up to our sessions with excitement and saw a lot of possibility for her future. (Confidence is a game changer!) 

So, where is she now? Well, it took some time but she’s now a Director at a SaaS company she absolutely loves. She’s showing people that when you own your brand advantage you can overcome career missteps, gaps and setbacks, and have a career where your talents are recognized and make an impact. 

In this role, she’s no longer questioning her career choices - and you don’t have to either! My client took a non-traditional path that gave her new skills and abilities to lead. Like her, you don’t have to struggle to talk about your unique skills or experiences. You can describe your struggle as your dream company’s gain. If you’d like to talk about how this can work for you too, fill out your contact info and we’ll get to chatting

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