Here's Why LinkedIn Works

career development linkedin personal branding Jun 04, 2018

You’ve probably heard soooo many times that you NEED to be on LinkedIn. I’m sure you are on LinkedIn and are wondering, do I really need to be on here? Further to that, do I really need to be active on here? Well, the answer is yes! Here are a few reasons why.

Number one, you are approachable. The fact that you have a profile means that you want people to know you exist and reach out to you. It’s much easier to approach a prospect through LinkedIn than to hope to run into them at an event or track down their contact information.

Number two, it increases your visibility. Hopefully you have achieved visibility at your company if you’re employed (this is key to your employee personal brand). LinkedIn gives you the power to grow your visibility to those outside of your workplace and even outside of your network.

Even if you’re out there networking in person regularly you’ll never meet everyone who you can help or can help you in your career. Having visibility online means that more people know about you and what you do. The more active you are on LinkedIn (or any other platform), the more visibility you have. By creating your own posts, as well as liking and commenting on others’ posts, you increase the amount of times your name and profile shows up in people’s feeds.

Number three, you can demonstrate your value. I hope you've read my blog where I define personal branding as communicating your value! So, anywhere you can demonstrate your value is important to your personal brand. In many ways resumes limit the ways we can show our value (talents, skills, strengths and values). On LinkedIn you can show your stuff! By sharing photos, short posts or long form articles that talk about your work you’re creating ways for people to get to know you and the unique value you bring.

So, what’s your LinkedIn experience been like so far? What’s holding you back from being more active? If coming up with what to post about is your challenge, comment or DM me and I’ll share info about my upcoming workshop that, among other things, will help you get clear on what you should be posting about on LinkedIn and other platforms.

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