How do I look smart on LinkedIn

linkedin personal brand professional profile Nov 04, 2021

 LinkedIn is the business social network of choice. It's a great place to build your brand, showcase your expertise, and make new connections. But if you feel unsure about what to do and say on LinkedIn then keep reading!

It’s normal to feel some extra pressure on social media, add the fact that your future boss and customers are watching and that can really compound the stress! Yes, LinkedIn is a networking site for professionals, but you don’t need to be so polished that you rid yourself of what makes you, you.

Here are the three things you need to do to be seen as professional - or smart - on LinkedIn.

On-brand Content

 Most of the content you post should align to your personal brand. If you don’t know what your personal brand is then we should connect! In the meantime, be sure that your content relates to your role and industry. 

But don’t be afraid to add in something that’s more personal. For example, a cause you care about, an experience and how it’s shaped you, a post about someone you admire. This type of content is less common and it does well because of that. 

Be mindful that these types of posts are still seen by people you do business with. Know how much you want to share and stop at that boundary.

Kind Comments

Don’t be afraid to add your thoughts or ideas to a group post or comment on someone else’s post. There are plenty of ways you can explain your thoughts if you disagree with someone or believe they’ve missed the point of your message. 

I recommend starting with something complementary about their post or comment. You could say how important it is that they’re talking about this topic or you could pick one part of their argument that you agree with. Then point out why your experience leads you to think differently about another point they’ve made. Finally, thank them for the opportunity to have a discussion about something you both care about. 

If you’re frustrated, leave it alone. Revisit the post in a few hours or not at all. An inappropriate outburst can have lasting effects so it’s not worth the trouble. Find something else to comment on.


It’s important to build connections strategically, rather than sending out a blanket request to anyone and everyone. Make sure you’re connecting with people who you genuinely want to connect with and who will be valuable to your career or business.

Relationships matter when building your personal brand and reputation on LinkedIn. It is far more effective to build long-term meaningful connections than it is to send a generic connection request to anyone and everyone. These types of requests not only make you look like an amateur, but they can get you in trouble. You can be flagged as spam and not allowed to add anyone for several days.

The key message here is to make sure you’re sending requests to people who can actually help you achieve your goals, and who you can be helpful to as well.


BONUS Step: a polished, professional looking profile.

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