How long does personal branding take?

career development entrepreneurship personal branding Feb 05, 2020

So, ummm, how long will this take?

I get it, we’re all busy people. Or at least we’d all rather be watching the latest and greatest on Netflix. Trust me, I watch my fair share of Stranger Things, The Sinner and Russian Doll (what, am I darker than you thought?). I don’t want to waste my time if I’m not enjoying myself and if it’s not getting me to where I want to be. We’re all concerned about time and for good reason.

I was having coffee with a friend recently. She’s developing her personal brand and she asked if I thought it realistic that she would be done by the end of the month.  

“It’ll probably take a little longer.” I told her.


One of the selling features of my signature process, The Branded Boss, is that it can be done in 6 weeks. That is fast! We’re talking lightning speed. The reason it’s so quick is because I spent years developing it and I put everything I learned from working with big brands like Coca-Cola, Powerade and vitaminwater and took what works and left behind what doesn’t. Before I created my process it took me years to figure out my personal brand. There were a lot of stops and starts. Not having someone encourage and guide me really slowed me down.

I know it sounds cliche, but the truth is that all good things take time. It takes time to really figure out who your target audience is and what unique value you bring them. It takes time build trust with people by figuring out the best ways to communicate with them. 

“It takes time to really figure out who your target audience is and what unique value you bring them. ”

It also takes time to test the brand elements you create for yourself. This is something I recommend all of my clients do. Together, we create their personal brand statement and personal brand story - the two most important elements of a personal brand.

In order to really know if these are landing with your target audience, they’ve got to be tested. You’ve got to try them out and see people’s reaction. Are their eyes lighting up? Are they asking follow up questions? These are all signs that you’re on the right track and tell you that your time has been well spent.


Building a personal brand is an investment of time and money. Like most good investments, it pays off. My last blog talked about the benefits to personal branding, read it if you aren’t sure what they are. Be prepared to for it to take weeks or even months to develop your personal brand. You need focused time to think it through. Once you have developed the most important personal brand elements (I break them down here) you can’t just sit back. You’ve got to be communicating them regularly. Because of this you’re never really “done” with your personal brand. There’s one other reason too!

As people we’re always growing and evolving. It’s expected that our personal brands reflect our own evolution. If your career has changed, if your life or business has changed, it’s important to show that in your personal brand. If you’re really doing a good job evolving your brand, it’s going to feel like a seamless transition to your audience.

I know this sounds like a lot of work. Like I mentioned above, personal branding is an investment. Queen Bey says, “I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’ll always bet on it’s myself.”

 I hope you bet on yourself and invest in your personal brand too.

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