How Many Places Can you Share Your Personal Brand?

personal branding Jun 26, 2020

When it comes to your personal brand, it's easy to overlook all the spaces and places you exist where you come in contact with your audience. Social media is top of mind but there are many more.

The places and spaces your brand exists are called "touchpoints." You probably have somewhere between 10 - 30 touchpoints. Here are some examples of others:

  • Your email signature

  • Intranet  (Yammer) or Slack

  • Team sites like Gsuite or MS Teams

  • LinkedIn

  • Team meetings

  • Company events

  • Presentations

  • Client calls


Think of them in two groups, digital and in-person, and each offer a unique benefit.

Your digital touchpoints usually give you the opportunity to create a profile. It's a place for people to learn about you and understand who you are.

The downside is that people are easily distracted online. So you need to be very thoughtful about your profile's message if you want to be both memorable and trustworthy.

In-person touchpoints are what I call "high touch." They're much more direct and personalized. This makes the stakes higher because the people you're talking to are more engaged in the conversation.

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Video messages and meetings, especially during COVID-19, blur the lines between in-person and digital. People are more engaged AND they have the chance to view your profile to learn more or reconnect.

Don't be overwhelmed by all of these touchpoints! I want you to be aware that you have all of these opportunities to impact people and share your message.

If you'd like to improve your message you can use my guide, Communicate Your Value, to help you.

Download the Communicate Your Value guide.

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Make the most of each touchpoint! Share your value in a way that builds trust with the right people.

Download the Communicate Your Value guide.


If you've already worked through the guide — awesome — remember to share your message and add to your list of touchpoints if you realize you have more.

Whatever you do, express your unique skills and abilities — let your true self shine! The world needs you now more than ever.

 ✨Shine on.

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