How to Repurpose Your Instagram Content to Your LinkedIn

instagram linkedin posting Nov 09, 2021

 So you have an Instagram account and you’re hearing about LinkedIn. I want to help make your transition to the land of LinkedIn as seamless as possible. I’m going to show you how I made the transition from Instagram to LinkedIn by recycling what I’d already posted on Instagram onto LinkedIn.

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Ok, so you’ve created content on Instagram and are wondering if you can copy and paste it to LinkedIn. Well, you could, but here’s what you should do instead.

What I’m doing is not quite as simple as a copy ➞ paste ➞ click post. I’m copying and pasting and making some adjustments to the nuances of LinkedIn. Here’s what I’m going to change:

  • formatting
  • tone of voice 
  • hashtags

Here’s why: LinkedIn is a platform for professionals about industry and professional trends or discussions. Because of that my voice and my audience are more professional on LinkedIn than on Instagram. 

Sure, there are some people who follow me both on Instagram and on Linkedin, but here’s the difference: they’re on Instagram to escape and be entertained, and they’re on LinkedIn to connect with professionals and learn. 


I’m going to change the formatting so that none of the paragraphs are longer than 2 sentences. I want to make it really easy for someone who’s reading my post on their phone. I’m also mindful of the fact that when people see blocks of text (i.e. paragraphs), they check out and keep scrolling.

Whenever possible, I’ll use bullet points. Often, I’ll adjust the post to make it into a “listicle” because they usually perform well on LinkedIn. When I use bullets in the formatting, I never use the traditional bullet point circles (•) or dashes (-). Instead, I use emojis that relate to the post and make the post more visually appealing.

Tone of voice or brand voice

The brand voice I use on LinkedIn is a little different than on Instagram. If brand voice or tone is a new concept to you, think of it like this: your brand voice isn’t what you’re saying, it’s how you’re saying it. 

On LinkedIn, it’s all about balance. You want to be mindful of the fact that your current and future boss, customers, colleagues, etc., will see your posts. You also want to stand out! You can do this by having a unique opinion, a strong opinion, and sound human, or a combination of all three.

I’m going to focus on the “sounding human” part today. You see, we’re so used to polished, professional language on LinkedIn that it can sound insincere and boring. How do you talk in a way that’s true to yourself, professional AND is going to help you stand out? It’s a tall order, but the best approach is to write like you’re talking to a colleague.

If you’re new to being conscious about your brand voice, remember that it takes practice to get there. (And, you’ll get there!)


You’re probably familiar with hashtags and how they work on Instagram. As on Instagram, they allow you to search and find relevant posts. The biggest difference between how hashtags are used on Instagram and LinkedIn is the number of hashtags you should use. It’s recommended that you use 10-30 hashtags on Instagram. On LinkedIn, you should use four.

It’s a big difference and the reason is optics. We’re used to seeing a long list of hashtags on Instagram and we’ve all accepted it. LinkedIn is another story! A lot of people on there don’t know what hashtags are and how they work so you see them a lot less. When you do see a lot of hashtags they really stand out and give off a spammy impression.

I generally use three to five hashtags in my posts. They’re relevant to what I’m talking about in the post and to who I’m talking to. 

Like I said, I want to help you make your transition from Instagram to LinkedIn easier! If you’ve got great content on Instagram, you should definitely bring it over to LinkedIn – just use these adjustments and you’re set!

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