I don’t want to help women.

personal branding women and work Nov 27, 2019

“Actually, I don’t want to help women.”

...I heard myself say recently. After telling someone what I do (I help ambitious women reach their goals using a unique personal branding process), they said, “that’s so great that you want to help women.” 

Nope. I don’t. Truthfully, I’ve heard this response before and it didn’t rub me as badly. I do help women after all. Here’s the thing, I don’t want to help women. That’s not my motivation. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my clients. They do amazing things and it’s inspiring. But helping them isn’t my motivation. So I clarified.

Personal branding workshop for Women's Executive Network

I want women to help us. I want what comes when women are able to let their true selves shine. This results in stronger businesses and communities. We all benefit when women follow their vision, use their talents, share their voice and lead others. 

We’re living in a strange world. Together, we face big problems with real consequences. We require urgent solutions and need our best minds working on them. Logically, with only one gender taking the lead, we can’t expect to solve these massive problems without more involvement from women. 

It really makes me wonder what would our world look like if this gender imbalance didn’t exist. What problems would have already been solved? What innovations would be part of our daily lives? Would we still have problems? Of course, but our reality would be different. And with everyone having the opportunity to contribute in their unique way, it would be better too.

That’s why helping women isn’t my goal. I want a future where gender equity exists and I want it…no wait - WE NEED it asap.

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