How a LinkedIn Account Supports Your Entrepreneurial Efforts

entrepreneurship linkedin personal branding Aug 09, 2021
Two women sit facing a computer in a home office. They are both smiling. The text reads, how a LinkedIn account supports your entrepreneurial efforts.

So you’ve got a business and the website and business cards to prove it! Congrats! You hear people talking about LinkedIn but you’re thinking, LinkedIn’s old, stale and for people who have jobs. It’s not for people who have businesses, right? 




LinkedIn isn’t what it used to be. It’s also an entrepreneur’s best friend. Here’s why.


What are the benefits of a LinkedIn account?

I get asked by entrepreneurs, what are the benefits of a LinkedIn account if I have a business? 


The biggest benefit to having a LinkedIn profile is its search ranking. LinkedIn profiles and Company Pages (business profiles) consistently appear in the first page of google search results - usually in the top three results overall. 


I don’t know what you’re paying for SEO each month, but this is free, prime real estate on the internet and you can’t afford not to take advantage. 


How does LinkedIn support your business? 

As an entrepreneur, customers, partners and investors are curious about you and the internet is the first place they go to find out more information. You want to impress and, most importantly, build trust with them. You can’t do that if nothing shows up when they search your name. 


At the very least, having a great LinkedIn profile supports your business because it creates a connection between you and your business. 


When you’ve put strategy behind your profile it can do so much more! 

  • It presents you as an authority in your business area 
  • it makes it easy for people to find out about the things you want them to know about you 
  • It drives traffic to your website
  • It makes it easy for people to search and find your business
  • it positions you as the best person to run the company, and therefore your company and products look even better. 


Think of your LinkedIn profile as a homepage for your personal brand.


What is the value of what I’m posting?

Speaking of your personal brand, you can really build it on LinkedIn by posting regular content. In order to do that well, ask yourself, what is the value of what I’m posting? You want to ensure that everything you post serves a purpose. The best place to start is by answering a question you know your next client or customer needs an answer to.


Here are a few places to start. Think about your frequently asked questions and post the question and answer. During calls with your customers, what’s holding them back from buying and how do you overcome that objection? That’s a valuable post. 


Some days posts will be about serving your customers the information they need. Other days it will be about making them feel confident and worthy of receiving the solution. Customers have objections related to your product (cost, will it solve their problem, will it solve it better than your competitors, etc.)that you should be anticipating. They also have objections they don’t vocalize and may not even be aware of themselves. It’s your job to anticipate these as well and create content that encourages them to overcome them. 


LinkedIn helps entrepreneurs in so many ways! It’s a free (you don’t need premium to be successful) way to reach leads and build trust with them through your profile and posts. Once you commit to building a great profile and posting regularly you’ll start to see results.


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