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linkedin linkedin features linkedin tips Oct 28, 2021

 We all want to make the most of our LinkedIn profiles. After all, the SEO they get is incredible and the opportunity that comes from a solid profile is limitless. Read my article, Why LinkedIn Works if you’d like more detail. 

 Since purchasing LinkedIn, Microsoft has invested in the platform heavily. They’re paying attention to trends on other platforms, and making the profiles more accessible and welcoming of diversity. 

 Autogenerated captions, alt-text, and a place on our profile for our pronouns are all examples of this. Another example is the pronunciation feature located at the very top of your profile next to your name. 


What does a proper profile look like?

There is no “proper” or one way to make your profile, but there is something called All-Star status. According to LinkedIn, All-Star profiles get 40 times more job opportunities than other profiles! Anyone can get All-Star status just by filling out your profile - fully. You know you’re an All-Star (or not) because it will say All-Star on the top-right-hand corner of the Dashboard on your profile. 


Keep up with features as they roll out

LinkedIn wants to look good, and they want to make you look good so you’ll keep coming back to their platform. Fill out your profile and incorporate new sections of your profile as they become available to you. This will help you keep your status as an All-Star. 

People who land on your profile and see it has recent updates will see you as more credible and active, so they’re more likely to connect with you. LinkedIn pulls information from your profile in its search algorithm so the more information you have on it, the more likely you will appear in someone’s search!

My tip for the pronunciation section on your LinkedIn profile

 In 2020, LinkedIn made it possible to record a 10-second audio clip of the correct pronunciation of your name. This is helpful if you have a commonly mispronounced name. It saves people the embarrassment of saying your name wrong and it makes our profiles more dynamic.

The pronunciation feature can be clicked on and heard on both mobile and desktop, but you need to record it on your mobile device. 

To do so, open your profile, click the edit icon (or pencil) on the Intro section of your profile and select pronunciation. Hold your phone about 10 cm from you and speak clearly. Remember, the goal here is to ensure people can pronounce your name. 

 But there is another opportunity here! This is my tip. Clearly pronounce your name, then say a call to action or brief statement describing what you do. This accomplishes two things: it allows you to show people how friendly you are by using a welcoming tone and it gives them more information about you. 

 Which did I do? The call to action (follow me) or the brief statement? Visit my profile to find out: 

 In order to make the platform work for you, pay attention to the new features as they become available. Follow me on LinkedIn, engage with my posts to tell it to keep showing them to you, and I’ll announce the new features as they become available.

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