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People are googling your name. Period. Because of this, your digital footprint is everything. Managing your digital footprint is important and to do that, you need to be monitoring it!

Today, I want to explain the reasons why you should be monitoring your personal brand and business brand (if you have one). Then, I’m going to give you the steps and some tips for setting up Google Alerts for yourself (it takes about two minutes!).

I learned about Google Alerts years ago when I was managing the personal brands of the CEO and COO at my work. They were regularly featured and mentioned in the media and on other websites and blogs. In order to track their digital footprint and what was being said about them, I set up Google Alerts for each of them. When I launched AVRO Creative, I set up Google Alerts for myself, and I recommend to my clients that they do it too.



If you're new to branding (or you're very familiar, it's worth repeating that) your digital footprint is everything! It’s made up of everything you do online. Social media posts and comments, websites you publish, sites you visit, etc. It all adds up to become your digital footprint. 

Monitor Your Personal Brand and digital footprint with Google Alerts! Google Alerts can’t catch everything said on social media, but they’ll catch when your name is mentioned elsewhere online.

Here’s why this is important:

1. You want to be able to address if something bad is said ASAP. A Google Alert will arrive in your inbox so you'll get notified right away. 

The best thing you can do when something negative is said is to deal with it right away. Unless you’re having a strong reaction and can’t express yourself the way you want to. You want to take steps to mitigate it and control the potential for damage to your brand. (Interested in how? Let me know in the comments and I can explain)

2. You want to get the most out of positive mentions. Google alerts are one of the ways you can stay on top of what's being said about your personal or business brands. If it's something positive, congrats! Now, you’ll know about it right away and can maximize it.

If it’s an article or social media post you can share a link to it on your channels. If it’s a comment or review, you can screenshot it and share it on your social media or website. When a third party says something positive about your brand, this is called social proof, and it’s more believable to your audience than if the same thing came from you or your brand. Therefore it’s very valuable to you!

3. Understand what people like about your brand so you can do more of it. Maybe there’s a particular feature or benefit that your audience really appreciates. It’s not currently part of your marketing or messaging strategy, but now you know it should be.

4. Build relationships with the people who are talking about you or your brand. When another brand shares your brand it creates an opportunity for their audience to become your audience. YAY! 

If a journalist writes about you or a blogger posts about you, you can reach out to them to say thank you. Go a step further and offer to do an interview or send them product to review.

The best personal and business brands know their audience and customers have the potential to become brand ambassadors. Showing appreciation goes a long way toward building relationships with your audience so make sure you’re aware when they’re mentioning you.

5. Keep track of it. Maybe you were featured on a podcast and the interview was months ago. Yes, the host told you when it was coming out, but that’s pretty easy to forget. A Google Alert brings news that your feature episode is out in the world as soon as it happens.

The most important parts of your digital footprint are media coverage and when someone else mentions your name or business online. Fortunately, our friends at Google make it possible to keep on top of this. 

Google lets you set up alerts using your Google account. It’s one of the ways you can stay on top of what's being said about your personal or business brands. 

In less than five minutes you can have alerts set up and ready to go. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

How to set up Google Alerts:

  • Log into your Google account.
  • Then type into your browser 
  • You’ll be taken to a page with a search box. Here you can enter business name, name and, variations of how your name is spelled. See my example in the photo below. (I get called Kirsten a lot.)
  • Next select options like which region you want to be monitored and how often you want to receive alerts. I suggest daily for your name and business name.

  • If you like to stay on top of industry news or write blogs and articles, you can create alerts for specific industry information. Be as specific as possible, because as I found out after setting up an alert for personal branding, you can become inundated with alerts!

Now you’re all set! 

Share this article with your friends and colleagues to make sure they never miss a media mention online! 


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