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How LinkedIn Can Help You Become a Trusted Leader in Your Industry

We have all been there. We scroll LinkedIn and see people reposting and sharing a variety of things. These posts get thousands of interactions, and when you look closer, they get consistent engagement on all their posts. You know you have a lot to say, but don’t know where to start. 

LinkedIn can be your greatest asset and you can utilize it to be a trusted leader in your industry. Let's dive in!


So, you need to optimize your profile, but how?

To build legitimacy in your profile, you need to ensure that your profile is complete. With a complete profile, you can instantly build trust with those who visit it. Take this level of trust even further by adding skills, endorsements, and recommendations. 


Now, to be a leader, you also need a presence which is why you need to interact with others in your industry. Whether you decide to add them to your network, reach out with a direct message or comment on their posts, it is important to engage with others. This allows you to more easily connect with other experts, and it shows LinkedIn that you want your feed full of industry related professionals. This helps maximize your time by ensuring you are seeing the right content, engaging with the right people, and being connected with others.


People are finding you, but how do you interact?

You have optimized your profile, and you are being found by the right people, but what is next? Well, with your new connections, you need to interact. This can be done by posting after a large number of people have connected with you, interacting with their posts, or reaching out to them. This helps foster a relationship and ensures that your connections are looking at the content you are posting.


Another great way to interact with your connections is to join groups and threads. This will allow you to stay up to date on industry news and build a presence. With greater engagement, you will be seen as a thought leader that is trusted and relevant. Trusted relationships are built through relationships that are mutually beneficial and you can easily foster this on LinkedIn by sharing your thoughts and experiences.


Well, now it is time to create your own content!

Your original content is the best way to be seen as a leader. It shows your ability to have unique and independent thoughts. This is how other leaders will notice you, and how you can have your own posts for people to interact and engage with.


A key thing to remember is that LinkedIn isn’t meant to be perfect. There needs to be some variety in the posting and that starts with experimenting. When you are generating your own content, it is imperative that you experiment and see what is the most relevant for your connections. Ask yourself what they are engaging with, and cater your content from there.

If you put in the time, LinkedIn can be your best professional tool. By following an appropriate strategy, you can become a trusted leader in your industry.


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