Personal Branding 101

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Personal Branding 101

Personal Branding 101: Why You Should Care About Your Personal Brand (Even If You're Not A Celebrity Or CEO)

No matter who you are, your personal brand matters. Whether you're a celebrity or CEO, or just a regular person, your personal brand is what people think of when they hear your name. Some say it's the sum of everything you've done and said. This isn't entirely true (read on), but your past actions do affects how people see you.


The famous Jeff Bezos quote – "your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room" – is often cited as the definition of personal branding. While there's truth to it, I don't think it adequately describes what it means to have a personal brand.


Here's my definition: personal branding is building trust by communication your value. The most important word there is trust. Trust is the ultimate currency. If you have a strong personal brand, people are more likely to trust you. They're also more likely to buy from you or recommend you to others.


This is why it's so important for those of us who own businesses or have big career dreams to stay on top of our own brands.


Personal branding can be a powerful tool in career development, networking, finding jobs, and of course when it comes to start and growing a business. Even if you're not a celebrity or CEO, making sure your personal brand is consistent and clear helps you reach your goals.


I get it – it's easy to forget about personal branding when we are not celebrities or CEOs. But, personal branding is important for everyone! It's the way others perceive us. It is the reputation that we have within our industries and communities.


It's important for everyone to be aware of their personal brand and work on building a strong one. By taking the time to work on our personal brand, we can improve our reputations and make ourselves more attractive to employers, customers, and clients.


If you'd like to learn more about how to build your personal brand watch this video and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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