What are the benefits of a personal brand?

career development personal branding Jan 20, 2020

Ok, so last week we talked about what personal branding is and the #1 thing you should do when starting to build yours. Now, let’s dig into why. (I know, I’m supposed to start with why right? Sorry Simon Sinek 😉)

There are a lot of reasons to build your personal brand, but the one that summarizes them all is this: you can go further, faster.

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Whatever your goals are for your career or your business, having a solid personal brand will help you achieve them, and help you achieve them sooner. 

Why? Because, as I said in my previous post: people trust people. I know this might come as a shock to you but even if you’re working for a brand that’s been valued at 7 figures, people are more likely to trust you - the individual. (I bet you feel pretty valuable right now, and you should!)

“People trust people.”

Corporate layoffs, misinforming the public - there are big examples of these that we’ve seen play out in front of our very eyes. It’s no wonder people are hesitant to trust businesses.

There are other reasons why you want to have a personal brand. If you are in a career where there is a lot of competition or in a field that people don’t understand, personal branding really comes in handy.

When there are a lot of people with the same job title as you (think accountant, engineer, financial planner, sales manager and on and on) it’s important to stand out. It’s up to you to know what makes you different and important in the eyes of others (a.k.a. your unique value). It’s also up to you to share it with people. 

“It’s up to you to know what makes you different and important in the eyes of others”

Don’t make any assumptions that because someone works with you, for you or manages you, that they know what makes you special. Maybe they do, but they can’t articulate it. Well, give them the talking point. You sharing with them what your unique value is, means they can share it with others. Like say, a leader in another department or a client you’re vying for. 

I hope it’s pretty obvious now why having a personal brand can help you further your career. If you need more proof, you can read my story. I’ll tell you about what my career was like before I figured out I needed a personal brand, and the results I experience from having a personal brand. 

Go further, faster and make your mark! If you need help, schedule a discovery call to learn about my process and if we’re a good fit.


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