What it’s Like Going From “Flailing Imposter” to High Profile COO.

career development entrepreneurship personal branding women and work Feb 22, 2021

Working with people mid-career all the way to the C-suite makes for some really incredible stories of transformation. I’m going to start sharing them with you so you can see for yourself how personal branding is THE difference maker in your career.

Whether you’re in the C-suite or earlier in your journey, the solution is personal branding. Today I’m going to share with you how my client went from self described “flailing imposter” to stepping into a high profile role with confidence.

This time last year I was working with an immensely talented woman. She had become a VP in a very traditional and male dominated industry at the age of 27. Now she was transitioning to a new company as their COO.

She came to me because, in spite of years of leadership coaching, she felt scattered when it came to talking about herself.

There was a lot riding on her introduction to the company and she was committed to making sure it went right. I took her through my signature program and we built her brand.

She knew that to achieve the results she wanted, in the time she wanted, she needed to build trust with the employees right away.

To do this we

  • First needed to get inside the heads of her new team and employees. What were their pain points? What did they need to know about her to trust in her abilities and commitment to them? 
  • From there we built her positioning messages to make that crystal clear.
  • Unfortunately, she was walking into rooms where there was a bias against her gender and age. We needed to overcome these biases so her confidence in these messages was just as important. We rehearsed together and I gave her feedback and tips to improve her delivery.

As we anticipated, there were unexpected hiccups with how the introduction meetings went but because of our preparation she was able to roll with them and get her messages across.

After working together, she no longer felt like an imposter. Because she gained clarity on how she best leads, she got to jump into the role, deliver results for the business and enjoy herself along the way. Flailing imposter no more (not that she ever truly was an imposter!). If you want to step into your role with confidence and truly enjoy your work I’d love to help you. Fill out your contact info and let’s get to chatting!

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