Your Employees are Influencers

employee advocacy entrepreneurship Sep 17, 2021
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Your Employees are Influencers

Your employees are your greatest asset. Not only do they ensure that work is being done towards your mission, but they also influence those around them. This influence is known as employee advocacy and it’s incredibly powerful!


An employee has direct access to people. They share information with their friends and family, and suddenly, those individuals have been influenced by your employee. I go into more detail about the significance of their impact and the academic definition of employee advocates or influencers here


Your employees are walking advertisements. 

When people are in the thick of their career, they are often associated with the company they work for, “Oh you work at Microsoft!” They are your marketers whether you like it or not so help them become good marketers!

Your employees might not understand that the way they talk about the company impacts what people think about it. So, make it crystal clear that their employee brand matters to the company. Ask them how they explain the company and their role in it. Take the time to learn about common questions, concerns and praise they get about the company. Collect this information and use it to create employee brand training.


When they look good, you look good!

You want your employees to look good to the public. This means encouraging them to share the exciting things the company is doing as well as their own work on social media. People are more interested in the company through the lens of its employees, or better yet the employees they know, than through the company’s curated messages.  


Your company’s image is directly linked to the image of your employees. When an employee shares an award they’ve received, people associate that positivity with your company too.  They begin to think the company has talented people and they’re more likely to want to work there or buy from you.  


Remember, the better they look, the better the entire company will look.


The people matter more than the company.

Regardless of how amazing your company is, it is the people that matter most. People trust people more than they trust companies. When employees speak, the public listens and trusts what they have to say. People are aware of marketing, communications and PR efforts to control the message and create a good reputation. So, they're naturally I little unsure about what's being said from corporate channels.


Employees use their own language, not corporate speak, with their friends and family. This helps people understand what they’re saying and feel like they can ask the questions they might not ask about it otherwise.  

Staff are your influences and potentially your greatest advocates. If you want to learn how you can empower them further, read this article !

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