Your Personal Brand Year-End

career development personal branding Dec 28, 2017

Tis the season...for holiday parties, catching up on Netflix and your personal brand year-end!

I know this sounds like an accounting term! I’ve surely lost many of you because of that (shoot!). But, hear me out because it has NOTHING to do with taxes or accounting.

Your personal brand year-end is an exercise in reflection and then action. We’ll get to the action part later. For now, write down allllll of your 2017 accomplishments and all of the challenges you took on. This will require some time to really think and remember things from early 2017. If you need some help, go through old emails or look back on your calendar. They’ll help jog your memory.

Don’t forget the “soft” accomplishments. These are the things that your boss's boss doesn’t know about. Or, maybe no one other than you know about these special projects you took on to develop yourself. Did you work really hard developing that StrengthsFinder strength that was identified, write that down and get specific. Did you read all the leadership books you could get your hands on? Write those books, and most importantly what you learned from them, down.   

Ok, now for the action. Pull out your highlighter (oh you’re the pencil type, then underline away my friend🙂)  to note the big wins. These are the wins that show the world you walk the walk in your industry or business niche. They help illustrate your personal brand to your boss, recruiters, and clients.

Once you see what’s on there, give yourself a pat on the back and make a mental note to #treatyoself! Next, add all that good stuff to your LinkedIn profile! Any BIG accomplishments - like say you spoke at a TEDX Conference or started teaching a course (way to go if you did)? Put things like that in the bio of your other social profiles too.  

Performing your personal brand year-end should make you feel great. You probably forgot some of those accomplishments from early in the year, didn’t you? (I did!) That's why I try to do this every year at this time. Of course, it’s best to update your profiles with big accomplishments as they happen so try to do that throughout the year.

Cheers to you and all you’ve accomplished in 2017!


P.S. To make this easier on yourself next year, start a file and update it throughout the year (this will also come in handy when prepping for a performance review). Still take the time to look at it over the holidays and when you’re doing your goal setting for the next year. Update your LinkedIn and give yourself that boost of confidence by acknowledging all the great things you’ve done.  

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