Kristen Dyck, Personal Brand Strategist

Kristen Dyck, Personal Brand Strategist

You do great work, imagine if people knew who you were. Personal Branding makes that a reality. 

Hi, I'm Kristen Dyck a Personal Branding and Communications Strategist. With ten years of communications and marketing experience, and five years of first-hand personal branding experience, I can help you go from unknown to in demand.

Learn about how and why I do what I do, or reach out and let's connect. Whether it's at work or with your own business, I want to help make your goals a reality.

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Two Ways to Work With Me:

Personal branding for ambitious women in business

Go from undervalued by your boss or clients to confidence in every meeting with a personal brand that presents you as a leader.

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Communications for medium sized businesses & Non-profits

Go from uncertainty and overwhelm to clarity and confidence. Know that your communications are getting not just results, but results that will help your business grow.

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I know you have a dream for yourself or your business. I'm here to tell you, not only is it possible, but there are effective steps you can take to make it a reality. I am SO so curious to hear about the goals YOU have. Are you aiming for the C-suite? Launching a business? Do you have a business that is struggling to connect to its audience? I have been there. I've found a way out of there. And you can too.

I would love to tell you more about my own story and how I got here. Head on over to the About Kristen page and I'll tell you my story.