You know you need a better LinkedIn presence, but you don't really know how.

You’ve been putting it off and now you’re motivated to get it done and enjoy the benefits everyone’s talking about.

You're wondering

→ How do I talk about myself and what I do

→ How do I help people see the importance of my work? 

→ How do I make sure people know about me and the great work I do?

The world's most trusted social platform is LinkedIn and you want to be part of it!

Introducing –  

The most comprehensive guide to building a strong LinkedIn profile

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This is for you

if you want to use LinkedIn to create a personal brand and position yourself as an expert in your field.

An online course guiding you to take your LinkedIn profile from blah to magnetic!


Establish your personal brand using LinkedIn so you can become in demand in your career or business. 

Kristen Dyck guides you to:

  • Create a personal brand that people can find easily online
  • Build a LinkedIn presence you can be proud of 
  • Tap into the opportunities available to you so that you future proof your career and have stronger negotiating power 


Whether you are actively job searching, or want to leverage LinkedIn for future opportunities – Opportunity Magnet is for you!


 Meet your instructor!

Kristen Dyck has been building top personal brands since 2016. 

Kristen brings insights from her experience working with the world’s biggest brands: Coca-Cola, Powerade and glaceau vitaminwater. Her personal branding clients go on to become thought leaders, members of the C-suite, and receive industry awards.

Because of the results she creates for people on LinkedIn, she gets hired to redo LinkedIn profiles for people in energy, sales, consumer packaged goods, banking, social impact, accounting, engineering, interior design and many other professions and industries.

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This is for you if

you do great work and want more people to know about it. 

  • You want to be headhunted or recruited

  •  You are client facing and want to build trust quickly

  • You want to leverage your personal brand to grow your business
  • You believe in the company you work for and want people to learn about it


โœจRemember, a goal without a plan is just a wish.


 In this course, Kristen Dyck teaches you how to establish your LinkedIn presence so that you have a strong personal brand and are seen as a leader in your industry.


Here's what we'll cover

  • Get the inside-scoop on your LinkedIn settings and how to configure them so that they work for you (not against you)

  •  Understand how the placement of certain words in your profile impacts how often you show up in searches done by recruiters, clients, customers, event producers and hiring managers.

  •  The order you should complete your profile in (because certain sections should be done together!)

  •  Understand which areas of your work history are most relevant to you now.  


You've got this!

And I'm here to help you the whole way through.


Opportunity Magnet is an online course teaching you how to attract clients, recruiters and industry leaders to your profile so that opportunities come to you! It is structured so that you have a solid personal brand after you complete the course.

This course is packed with LinkedIn strategies and information so that you can complete your profile with confidence!

It includes everything you need to know about the important 2020 and 2021 LinkedIn changes (and will be updated regularly as LinkedIn changes roll out).


Lesson 1

LinkedIn 101

Module 1 Personal branding and goals

Module 2 Your audience

Module 3 Measure your progress and results

Module 4 Platform navigation + LinkedIn settings guide

Lesson 2

Shape how people see you

Module 1 Your brand on LinkedIn

Module 2 The Intro section

Module 3 All about the Headline

Module 4 Understanding keywords

Module 5 How to write your Headline

Lesson 3

Presenting your potential

Module 1 How to present your potential

Modules 2 - 6 The About section

Module 7 About section template

Module 8 The Skills section

Lesson 4

Making your past experience do the work

Module 1 You’ve done the work

Module 2 Professional experience

Module 3 Volunteer experience

Module 4 Education

Lesson 5

Demonstrate your brand

Module 1 How to demonstrate your brand

Module 2 The Recommendations section

Module 3 The Accomplishments section

Module 4 The Interests section

Module 5 The Featured section

Lesson 6


Module 1 Why visual matter on LinkedIn

Module 2 Your profile picture

Module 3 The cover image

Lesson 7

Launch your brand on LinkedIn

Module 1 Launch your brand on LinkedIn

Module 2 Profile scan

Module 3 Adjust your settings

Module 4 Plan your review






Get excited, because very soon you'll have:

A complete profile

that's searchable so hiring managers & clients can find you

A personal brand on LinkedIn

so that you're available to the world of opportunities available to you


that your profile is making you look like the polished, professional you are


"I didn’t know any of this existed before this module so it was super helpful and extremely easy to navigate with your instructions."


Marketing Leader


"This section is skipped by many people but for those that have it, it can really give you that edge when done properly."


Financial Controller

Opportunity Magnet Gives You All the Tools You Need To Build a Successful LinkedIn Profile & Personal Brand


๐ŸŽฅ On-demand videos you can watch when you want and revisit anytime

๐Ÿ““ Workbook (both printable and fillable PDFs available)

๐Ÿ“ˆ A measurement tool to help you keep track of your results and opportunities

๐Ÿ• You have 24/7 access to the 7+ modules & resources

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The Investment



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