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Personal branding is professional development and in today's digital world it is a leadership requirement. Strategic personal branding is results focused and provides a high return on investment for individuals and companies.

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Team Trainings

Group workshops are a great way to show staff that you’re invested in their professional development. Personal branding is a hot topic in the business world these days. It’s talked about as a leadership requirement, but there is little information that can guide someone to creating a personal brand. Helping your employees develop personal brands is good for them and for your company. Here’s why:

  • Well branded employees who talk about your company build trust with your target customer more effectively than typical marketing efforts

  • Stronger, more visible employees attract top talent to your company

  • Improve employee satisfaction

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Personal Branding

You do great work and want the right people to know who you are and what you can do. You have a vision for yourself and it includes leadership and success without compromising your personal values. Work with me and we’ll develop all the necessary personal brand elements and a plan to get you there.

Feel confident from the clarity you get when you have a personal brand.

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I'm here to take your event to the next level. Inspiration and motivation matter, but not when they leave you wondering about next steps.

My keynotes are packed with inspiration, motivation AND provide tips that can be implemented immediately.

I take the time to learn about your industry and audience to make each talk one-of-a-kind.

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LinkedIn Opportunity Magnet

You keep hearing that you need to get on LinkedIn. Having a positive reputation on LinkedIn, now more than ever, is one of the most important tools at your fingertips to get to where you want to — faster.

My course LinkedIn Opportunity Magnet is here! If you want to future proof your career, become a thought leader or get a new job then this is for you.

This on-demand, online course shows you how to take your profile from blah to magnetic. Not only that, it teaches you how to build a strong personal brand on the world's most trusted social network.

Whether you're actively looking for a new job, business partners or investors, or simply want to be well positioned for the wealth of opportunities available to you on LinkedIn, check out this course today.

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The training was a wake up call for myself, to analyse myself and think about what I need to do to grow in the male dominated corporate world.

-Team Training Participant

In the training I learned how to make my voice heard in a big organization, how to let other people in the different departments know what I can contribute to the company.

-Team Training Participant

"This was such a great investment!"

- Jennifer Grimm


"If you are someone working through the challenges of establishing a self-fulfilling career that complements your personal values and commitments, I would highly recommend working with Kristen to explore and consolidate your brand. Having an established personal brand, you will be much more effective at using your limited time in reaching your career goals, without compromising your authenticity."

- Dr. Kait Chang

I really loved working with Kristen. She helped me articulate my experience in a way that the world could understand.

- Brandi Tindal

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Personal Branding Guide

If you struggle to explain the value you bring then this FREE guide is for you!

LinkedIn Opportunity Magnet

An on-demand course showing you how to build a strong personal brand on LinkedIn

The Personal Brand Planner

A planner for the four elements of your personal brand.